27 Temmuz 2013 Cumartesi

Research: Reputation Index, according to Turkey was the most popular brand in Casper

Turkey's domestic manufacturers in Casper, Istanbul Commerce University, the academic supervision, Reputation Workshop on behalf of Turkey prepared by the Reputation Index, according to international research firm Xsights, settled in the top of the IT sector.

Turkey's 26 provinces, two thousand 65 people in the lower face to face interview with the result of the Turkey Reputation Index survey found that perception of marks in different sectors.

Casper Marketing Director Feray Karaman; reputation is more important topic in our country, they always know the satisfaction of consumers research, created to provide the best services in the IT sector will continue to build on the vision, he said.

Casper in 2012, his lovemarks GFK survey "most popular brand" Equivalent brands araştırmasındaysa "adventurous" chosen.

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